1. split LP
    (D)(B)(H) / Seeded Plain & Hal Rammel

  2. mechanical kangaroo vs. wall hugging mouse
    D.J. Sonyplaystation

  3. split 7"
    Smut / OvO

  4. split
    Russian Tsarlag / (D)(B)(H)

  5. E.P.
    The Savage Young Taterbug

  6. Gravois Ave. Mango Prom
    Zak M.

  7. Feeling Good, Feeling Bad, Feeling Groovy
    Colleen Donaldson

  8. hangin' flaccid like a wet lilac
    i'd m thfft able

  9. Tincture
    Bad Jazz

  10. Whale
    Jad Fair & Bill Wells

  11. Cloudy Chowder
    Shep And Me

  12. Goes For A Walk & Explodes Like Crazy Bees
    Canine Sugar

  13. split 7"
    Justin Clifford Rhody / A. Restrepo

  14. agenda (in bold)
    Jeremy Kennedy & Yosuke Kitazawa

  15. Poverty Is Violence a.k.a. Adopt A Mindfield
    Impractical Cockpit

  16. Already Done Did

  17. Radio: Vol. 1
    Ryan Jewell

  18. Masterpieces of Objective Reporting

  19. Vol: Two

  20. the complete recordings
    Uno Moss

  21. Hollow Voices / Singing Hands
    Jon Mueller

  22. King Conversion

  23. Solar Maximum
    Growth Spert

  24. Peter and the Moon Trip
    Jay Kreimer

  25. split 7"
    Justin Clifford Rhody / Sam Gas Can

  26. Armadillo Meat / If In This Sleep I Speak It's With A Voice No Longer Personal
    Dennis Ray Powell, Jr. / Justin Rhody & Clare Hubbard

  27. split tape
    Smut / Right Now Band

  28. split tape
    The Ground-Ups / Crotch Council

  29. Howdy Cloud


  31. Dimentia Europa
    John Wheatley

  32. Osedax Influx
    Aether Jag

  33. live in detroit
    Jack Wright Nonet

  34. 6 Dozen Cookies
    David & Jad Fair

  35. A Shredded Leaf Doesn't Blow
    (D)(B)(H) & Crude Hill

  36. Bonita Terrace Heights
    A. Restrepo and the Older Siblings

  37. Carpet Collections
    Amina Althea

  38. O, Phantom of the Overheated Brain
    Matt Shuff

  39. Pitter Patter Treat
    The Collection of the Late Howell Bend

  40. Queenly Women Crowned and Uncrowned / The Pleasures of Manhood

  41. (concerning the absence of floors)
    Shelf Life

  42. I May Be Gone For A Long, Long Time

  43. Improvisations for Amplified Sax
    Jon Lorenz

  44. Oh, I Feel So Sorry For You, You Have To Get Up
    Colleen Donaldson

  45. Paranormal Activities
    A. Restrepo and the Older Siblings

  46. Why A Preacher and Not A Priest

  47. s/t

  48. s/t
    Dick Lickerer

  49. split 7"
    Justin Clifford Rhody / Fools

  50. Gleanings and Gatherings
    Mt. Gigantic

  51. Live at Radio Student Ljubljana
    OvO and Bill Horist

  52. split 7"
    Amina Althea / Christian Brady

  53. Shards
    Mike Khoury & Piotr Michalowski

  54. So Far On The Way
    Uke Of Spaces Corners County

  55. s/t

  56. split LP
    (D)(B)(H) / Glen or Glenda

  57. s/t cassingle
    Hepatitis (B) Youth

  58. Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack
    Uke of Phillips

  59. split tape
    Smut & The Diary of Lisa Frank / At My Grandma's House

  60. "sounds" (issue one)

  61. Old Smiler
    Mt. Gigantic

  62. The Year of Suspended Sap: Another Look at the Portions the World Forgot
    Charlie McAlister & Eric Ostrowski

  63. s/t
    Eye of Vision

  64. Blood Runs Down The Drain / No Light In The Hall
    Sewn Leather

  65. Golden Bag Woman of Super Life
    Russian Tsarcasm

  66. s/t

  67. s/t
    The Mean-agers

  68. selections from "The Size of Your Fist"

  69. split LP
    Impractical Cockpit / Nuclear Family

  70. split cassette
    Crotch Council / Smut

  71. Get Down

  72. s/t
    Welcome Home, Nemo

  73. tight
    Monster Monster

  74. Live in Bloomington

  75. Blood Flows Under Snows
    Babe In The Woods

  76. Share What Ya Got
    Defiance, OH

  77. s/t
    Rymodee (with Ghost Mice)

  78. Good Old Water
    Matty Pop Chart

  79. split CD
    Matty Pop Chart / Welcome Home, Nemo

  80. Midnight Hymns
    Missing Murderers

  81. Dygnia Salon
    Million Brazilians


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